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Steeped in Local History

Our heritage as a Over Hulton Retailer

The area of Over Hulton is steeped in history and the images below date back many, many years showing the community as it was. How times have changed.

The Little Wooden Hut

 The ‘Little Wooden Hut’ pictured below was reputed to have originally been a booking office for trams and trolley buses.

According to local historians there were two separate tram and trolley bus companies operating in the area and they didn’t cooperate!

Local Knowledge

It was possible to buy a ticket from Bolton to Four Lane Ends but then you had to disembark as that was as far as that company would take you.

Four Lane Ends to Leigh

If you wanted to travel further you then had to buy a different ticket to travel from Four Lane Ends to Leigh.

According to records the tramways had different gauges so the trams were not compatible for use on both lines.

King is to Visit Bolton

As the ‘Little Wooden Hut’ was the ticket office a local entrepreneur thought it would be a good idea to open a shop selling groceries, newspapers and sweets. Even in those days entrepreneurs existed!

What is also very interesting is the newspaper headline on the bill board informing people that the ‘King is to visit Bolton.’

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Our current premises were originally built by the Co-op.

Please feel free to drop into the showroom and pass on any of your own historical stories and knowledge of the area.


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